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Hawaii Wedding Ministers List Added on Hawaiian Wed

Hawaii Wedding Ministers

By Mark Steffan

Hawaii Wedding Ministers List Added on Hawaiian Wed.

Meet Your Hawaii Wedding Ministers Here. Hawaiian Wed is a leader in providing wedding services and choices for your wedding vendors. Most important, the person officiating your ceremony! We have a variety of ministers to choose from. Your ceremony can be religious or not. We can usually accommodate your desires. Most all of our ceremonies begin with a lei exchange between bride and groom. Many of or ministers blow the conch shell to start the wedding and some use that as the signal for the bride to arrive while the groom patiently waits. Choose your minister from our list below. We offer a variety of officiates and can accommodate jewish, catholic, christian and other non-denominational traditions. Not religious? We have that too. Call  808-268-8339 to request a copy of your favorite ministers vows.

We offer ministers on each of the main Hawaiian Islands including Kauai | Oahu | Maui | Hawaii

Big Island Wedding Minister Jerimiah Hoaeae

Jerimiah Hoaeae

Many of our Hawaiian ministers are Christian (Hawaii was first colonized by Christian Ministers) and incorporate many Hawaiian traditions into their ceremonies. The most popular and authentic is the blowing of the conch shell. Although it is almost impossible to be married by a Catholic Priest in Hawaii many of our celebrants can do Catholic style ceremonies. We have also helped Jewish, Hindu and other religions create a ceremony that can work for them.

We also have more spiritual ministers that are right for many of today’s couples. Not overly religious these ministers even incorporate sand ceremonies and other types of symbolizing the uniting a couple into matrimony. We have male and female officiates to choose from.

We can provide a totally non-religious ceremonies too. There is no justice of the peace to marry you in Hawaii. Normally All of our ceremonies begin with the traditional exchange of leis between the couple with a hug and a kiss.

Many of our couples want to say their own vows. This is never a problem. We always have a spot in our ministers vows for this. Just ask and we will make this happen for you. Our ministers will bend over backward to make your ceremony, your day as special as possible.

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