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Vow Renewal in Hawaii

Vow Renewals in Hawaii

By Mark Steffan

Can I make a suggestion. Do a Vow Renewal in Hawaii. Coming on a vacation, business trip or maybe attending a wedding merits consideration for one to do a vow renewal on a Hawaiian beach. We offer these romantic vow renewal services on all the major Hawaiian Islands including Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. If coming to Oahu consider the best location in the Waikiki area which we call Duke Kahanamoku Beach or travel a short distance to Waialae Beach or even further to what many call the most romantic beach in Hawaii, Lanikai Beach. Whichever location I usually suggest doing before sunset then going off to have a nice romantic dinner after.

On Kauai we really like Shipwreck Beach and have your after dinner at Tidepools which sits right above the beach within the Grand Hyatt resort. On Maui go to Kapalua Bay and have bay side dining at Merrimans. On the Big Island of Hawaii there are many good locations including Old Airport beach near Kailua Kona town. But they don’t call it the Big Island of Hawaii for nothing so if you are a little further up the Kohala coast consider Kukio beach or each 69 at Wailea Bay.

Hawaiian Wed offers these vow renewal packages at $399 and include the required beach permit, a minister of choice, 2 leis which are used in the ceremony itself (very special, very Hawaiian) and a keepsake Vow Renewal Certificate to commemorate this special occasion. Hawaii Vow Renewal on KauaiBringing family? We then suggest providing leis for the children as that allows them to be a part of this celebration.

We can always upgrade your package to include photography or video to capture that special moment. Many of our families that do a Hawaiian Vow Renewal use this as an opportunity to get great photographs in a very special location.


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