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Hawaii Marriage License Questions Answered

Hawaii Marriage License Questions Answered Here

By Mark Steffan

We here at HawaiianWed .Com make sure our clients know exactly what to do to get their marriage license. Some common misconceptions about getting a license are that the couple can get the license in their home state and bring it to Hawaii for processing. The answer to that is no, one must obtain the Hawaii License and have a Hawaii based agent process the application. Another question is closely related; can we get married legally in our home state and then do the ceremony in Hawaii. Absolutely yes, and you do not even have to bring proof of marriage. You will not be issued a legal Hawaii marriage license but we do provide a keepsake wedding certificate. Same with vow renewals, we simply do a wedding ceremony to celebrate the relationship and provide a keepsake vow renewal certificate.

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One of the most important things needed to get married in Hawaii is for one to get their Hawaii marriage license. You can apply online at It is a simple application and will cost $65. You can complete the application any time prior to marrying just retain the locator number, (a reference number that is provided at the successful completion of the application).

You will give that number to the marriage agent along with your photo identifications and a $5 cash stipend for the agent if not done at one of the state offices. This process will take about 10 minutes. The locator number is also used to pull up a copy of the license online. This copy is usually available within a week of the wedding.

Bring your license to the wedding a simply hand to the minister. He will do the rest.

Many of our non-USA wedding couples ask us about the validity of marriages performed in Hawaii. They are valid everywhere with the following statement from our marriage license agent Lynn Steberg in Maui : “In the State of Hawaii, USA, we do not register an intent to marry. Our marriages are valid anywhere in the world. You will receive a Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate that is mailed to you 120 days after your marriage. Should you need a copy sooner to change name or names of bride and groom, you can process an expedite request and receive the Certified Copy of Marriage in 4 to 6 weeks. Process to receive a marriage license to marry on Maui is to set up an appointment with a marriage license agent, complete application, go into license appointment together with a photo ID and the license fees of $65 in cash only. Your marriage license is issued the same day, is valid immediately and good for a 30 day period”.


Lynn Steberg
Maui Marriage License Agent

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