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Oahu Wedding Photographer Matthew Kent

Oahu Wedding Photographer Matthew Kent is one of our newest photographers.

Oahu Wedding Photographer Matthew Kent

Matthew Kent

Originally from Oregon and Maui, I grew up with a passion for technology and art, studying Photoshop in its infancy, and later purchasing my first digital camera (a .75mp Kodak) as soon as I could afford the new and limited technology.
Entering college, I knew I had to follow my passion and studied film and photography, graduating in 2007 with a degree in Film from UC Berkeley. Since then I’ve been involved in many multiple media projects, filmed dozens of small business commercials for yelp, and after moving back to Hawaii in 2013, I started Aloha I Do, embracing the wedding industry, discovering a passion for filming/photographing couples I never knew I had.

Have Matthew capture your marriage ceremony on film. He can also do the video. He will capture the essence of the bride and groom and direct the couple to get the very best photographs. The celebration of the wedding will be long remembered looking back on and reflecting on his work. Call 808-268-8339 to see if Matthew Kent is available to shoot your wedding date.

Check out Matthew Kent’s work below (image quality reduced to allow for faster loading):


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