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Kauai Wedding Photographer Nicolette Aguinaldo

Kauai Wedding Photographer Nicolette Aguinaldo

Kauai Wedding Photographer Nicolette Aguinaldo

Nicolette Aguinaldo

Capturing life’s special moments is Nicolette’s all time passion. Growing up on the Island of Kauai she found there is no lack of life changing events on this little island of love and life, and she only needs a fraction of a second to capture it forever. Her style of photography is filled with natural light and going with the flow of the moment; nothing rushed, nothing pushed. She is a self taught photographer and has poured her heart and soul into all that she does.

She knows the Island of Kauai well. Her understanding of each beach, the time of day and the light helps her create some of the best wedding photo’s that can be had on Kauai. Nicolette will work from Shipwreck beach on the South side of the Island to Lydgate Beach Park on the Eastern shores and to Hanalai Bay, Tunnels, Anini, Lumahai and Ke’e on the North Shore. Check out the Kauai Wedding Locations. Nicolette has experience with non beach locations as well. She shoots great shots in several of our garden spots and certain cliff side wedding locations as well.

Call 808-268-8339 to check on Nicolette’s availability.

See her work below in a reduced quality format for faster loading:

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