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Big Island of Hawaii Wedding Photographer Glen Dohie

Big Island of Hawaii Wedding Photographer Glen DohieBig Island of Hawaii Wedding Photographer Glen Dohie

Glen has been a trusted vendor for us for over 9 years. One of the things I like about Glen is that he gets the pictures to our clients right away. Most of the time the next day! You also get many hundreds of photos taken and provided to you on a CD.

Glen tells us: “Wedding Photography has been my passion since the 1970’s. My formal training is from the New York Institute of Photography and the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. My photos have been published in Europe, Canada and the USA.  Photography has given me the privilege of meeting people from around the world with various faiths and backgrounds. I am humbled to be invited into the most significant events of their lives to photograph these life landmarks. In these times, I am aware that it is not about me that matters.  It is about them, my trusting client, to make them the center of the event. Customer satisfaction is my only priority. So in the Spirit of Aloha and gratitude I thank you for your patronage”.

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Big Island of Hawaii Wedding Photographer Glen’s Details

Glen Dohie Shoots a lot of photo’s! In the hour plus he is one site he can shoot up to 300 images. Glen also provides the quickest turnaround on any of the Hawaiian Islands and often has all the photo’s on a CD for the clients the next day. Glen’s favorite place to shoot is Old Airport beach at sunset. He really knows how to best capture sunset images. Wedding planner Mark Steffan tells us “I have shot well over 100 weddings myself and know how difficult capturing the sunset properly can be and respect what Glen does day in and out”. Call planner Mark Steffan at 808-268-8339 to see if Big Island of Hawaii wedding photographer Glen Dohie is available for your wedding.

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