Free Hawaii Wedding Guide

Free Hawaii Wedding Guide

Wedding Information Guide for Kauai, Oahu, Maui & Big Island

You can get even more information sent to your email. Complete the form below putting as much info as you can and the specific information you are looking for in the “Additional Comments and Requests” box. At this point you have our wedding guide in your email. For best help take a look at that, review our website and give us a call at 808-268-8339. Remember our website has specific information on each of the main four Hawaiian Islands; Oahu Maui Kauai and Hawaii. Some people get confused as Hawaii is the name of the State and is also the name of the largest Island aka the Big Island of Hawaii. So if you are unsure which island is right for you let us know that? We will give you the guidance you deserve.

For those that know exactly which Island you will be able to see the most desirable locations that are available by going to our “Locations” tab. Go to our “Wedding Packages” tab to see our most popular packages. Do know that we usually customize these for each client to suit their particular needs.

We can also get you to Hawaii with our travel package program. You get the largest provider of travel to Hawaii with the most selections on accommodations and airlines.

With larger weddings we can assist with the reception and other more private wedding venue options. We offer caterers and venues for your post wedding party. For those just eloping we usually suggest certain restaurants or even a luau for your after wedding meal.

This could be you on your wedding day!

Old Airport Sunset Wedding

Island Choice:

  • Travel packages to Hawaii
  • Wedding Packages start at $399
  • We provide permits for all weddings
  • Choose your location, minister, photographer, flowers and more…Hawaiian Wed